This Hyper Husky Needs To Get Her Energy Out, And She Does So In The Funniest Way

We all have those days sometimes where we feel completely wired; we feel the need to constantly be moving, and sitting down for too long will drive us crazy. It’s not often that I have those days, as I am usually drinking endless cups of coffee to keep myself awake. But it seems like this Husky has these days pretty often.

For her, the best way to let out her built-up energy is to let out a crazy case of the zoomies. In the video below, you can see the Husky running around the house like a maniac. She even hops over her little doggy sibling as if he weren’t even there. She leaps over the coffee table and onto the couch. Then jumps off the couch and runs down the hall. She takes a quick break under the couch before she does it all over again. Then, her human lets her outside and she continues her zoomies in the backyard. I dare you to watch it without smiling! I’m tired just watching her!

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