This Stubborn Husky Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of The Tub. Listen For The Cuteness!

Huskys can be very stubborn and lazy when they want to be. When they don’t want to do something, they make it very clear. Like this Husky who didn’t want to get up to go to his kennel. He laid on the floor, refusing to get up. Every time his owner would say it’s time to go, he would just whine and make a sound that sounded like he was saying “noooo.”

This Husky, named Zeus, is the same way. He’s extremely stubborn, but for a reason you’d never suspect. He is lying down in the bathtub and his human keeps telling him to come on and get up for their walk. But Zeus lies there whining and howling. He refuses to get up, and just wants the water turned on. This pup is so silly!

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