Husky Argues with Her Mom Over a Makeup Sponge

Conversation with a pet is a major mood booster. No matter how much trouble they get into or how naughty they are, being naturally adorable is their greatest defense. One moment you scold them, then a minute later, you’ll find yourself cuddling with them. It’s even funnier when they listen to you and answer in their own way. This situation often happens with dog parents. Sometimes a dog’s bark or howl is its own way of answering its human, and their bark sounds like an answer. One great example is Meeka the talking husky — she sure knows how to win her way out of an argument.

Meeka is an internet-famous dog with massive followers on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Aside from that, she has over 700 thousand subscribers on Youtube. Meeka was born to be a star, and her human parents totally support her. It was nice of them to share the happiness they feel when Meeka is around. The husky is sweet and a good conversationalist. Sometimes she and her human mom go through funny arguments in their videos — like the viral Instagram reel with a beauty blender.

In the video, Meeka wanted to keep a beauty blender that is owned by her mom. Isabella asked Meeka to give the beauty blender back, but she gave out a howl implying that she wanted to keep it. Amidst their argument, Meeka nudged the beauty blender away with her nose as the sassy dog she is, making Isabella laugh. Who would be angry with her, right? The video became even funnier because of the text captions on the video. It was an amusing interpretation, especially the part where Meeka nudged the makeup sponge.

Meeka is really a talented dog — she can talk, sing, and sass as well as any human. Despite her sassy attitude, her parents love her more than anything. They also have another Instagram account for the whole family. The Kotsias family includes Theo, Isabella, and Meeka — an account where they share each lovely moment and milestone they have in the family. Meeka is one very lucky dog to have nice parents, and they are blessed to have her, too. With Meeka around, their house is full of laughter and love, which they share with the world.

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