This Husky Puppy’s First Howl Is Six Seconds Of Downright Cuteness!

Einstein the Husky puppy is downright adorable, and he knows it! This video is one of his first howls caught on camera. He’s standing on the sidewalk with his human and opens his mouth to let out the cutest little sound I’ve ever heard. Since he’s just a tiny puppy, his howl hasn’t even developed into a normal adult howl yet. It’s so high-pitched; just like how human male kids have higher voices before they go through puberty. This video is only six seconds long, but I could watch it over and over again all day and still not get enough of this little cutie!

Of course Einstein is all grown up now and much bigger. And I’m sure his howl sounds much deeper now too. Too bad they can’t keep that adorable sounding howl forever! You’ve seen (and heard) Einstein’s first howl. Now in the video below you can see Einstein when he’s all grown up, discovering wind for the first time. He’s in the car with the window down, and his jowls are flapping all over the place from the wind blowing in his face. It’s hysterical! Einstein is just too cute!

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