It’s Time For This Husky To Go In His Kennel. When His Human Tries To Pick Him Up, Listen To What The Pup Says!

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Husky pups always have a lot to say. I’m sure you’ve heard of Mishka and Laika, the talkative Husky siblings whose bickering as made them an internet sensation. Just like them, this 11-month-old Husky pup, named Blaze, likes to talk as well. But this kind of talking is more like talking back.

It’s time for Blaze to get in his kennel, but he clearly isn’t too happy about it. He lies on the floor to protest, and every time his human tries to lift him up, he opens his mouth and lets out a howling sound that makes it sound like he’s saying “noooo.” Who knows, maybe he is?! But I do have to say, this is the cutest protest I’ve ever seen!

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