Stubborn Pup Goes To The Dog Park Daily. When It’s Time To Leave, He Always Has The Same Reaction…

Huskys are known to be pretty stubborn pups and have very vocal temper tantrums. Like this one named Luca who refuses to come to his human. Or this Husky named Zeus who just won’t get off the couch to go for a walk. They protest with howls and whines and sometimes even sound like they are talking.

This Husky is no different. He is at the dog park, but when it’s time to go home, he just isn’t ready to go yet. His human brings him to the park daily, but he throws a fit every time they have to leave. In the video below, you’ll see the stubborn pup standing in the middle of the park, howling at his mom while she’s telling him to “come on.” They even added subtitles to the video that give us an idea of what he’d be saying if he spoke English. It even sounds like he’s actually saying those things! Watch for yourself. You’re guaranteed to laugh!

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