This Husky Does NOT Want His Human To Get Out Of Bed. At 0:58, I Was On The FLOOR!

Some people have no problem waking up early. They love being early risers and getting to start their day before everyone else. I am not that person. And apparently, neither is this Husky. It’s a school morning and his little human has to get out of bed to get ready. But the pup has other things in mind. He would much rather stay in bed a little longer, and he wants his human to stay with him.

Their mom is there, trying to get the covers off her son, but the Husky playfully snaps at her each time. He makes a cute little growl sound along with it, and you can’t help but laugh. He is lying on top of the kid and refuses to get up. The mom eventually lifts the blanket off a little bit, but the Husky grabs it in his mouth and pulls it right back up. This dog is hysterical! I don’t blame him though!

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