Super Excited Husky Bursts Out Of Pile Of Fall Leaves!

Do you love fall? The crisp in the air, the changing colors, cozy scarves and sweaters… how about the unending hours of leaf-raking? If you’re not looking forward to breaking out the rake this year, just think about how much it will be appreciated by your furry friends!

Any pile of nice, crunchy fall leaves will be appreciated by this supremely excited Husky, but he’d prefer a huge pile if possible. In fact, at the beginning of the video below, he has become one with his owner’s huge pile of leaves. Look closely—can you see the spot of black fur? Just when you spot him, he bursts forth in full autumn glory!

Photo: Adobe Stock/YouTube/Kent Petersen

Photo: YouTube/Kent Petersen

He runs away only to sprint back into the leaves, leaping and smashing, until the nice, neat pile of leaves is strewn all over the yard. Hopefully whoever raked the leaves understands that this sweet pup just couldn’t help himself. It must be a novel sensation to be surrounded by leaves but not have them impede his movement—maybe it reminds him of snow!

Check out when he builds up momentum by running across the yard so he can sprint at the leaves at breakneck speed—only to crash against the fence, whoops!

Photo: YouTube/Kent Petersen

Photo: YouTube/Kent Petersen

If only everyone were this excited about fall! Forget the pumpkin spice latte—give this pup a pile of leaves any day!

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