A Husky and a Horse Couldn’t Stop Doing Zoomies in the Snow

When you have a best bud, the two of you have favorite activities to do together and share similar interests. It’s a beautiful way of expressing the importance of your friendship with one another. You can’t wait to spend time together to talk about your interests and exchange opinions. Through those conversations and activities, you get to know more about each other, strengthening the connection. Both of you will always have that special thing that only the two of you can understand.

Photo: Reddit/Outside-Glove-1147

Interestingly, animals also have that with their friends. Whether they are from the same species or not, a friendship will be formed as long as their personalities get along. Kaia, the husky, has that kind of friendship with Frosty, the horse, which was strengthened by their love for the winter season. They get too excited whenever their surroundings turn into a winter wonderland. You could witness their happiness in an adorable video shared on Reddit. Outside-Glove-1147 wrote in her caption, “Kaia (the husky) seeing her cousin Frosty (the horse) during their favorite time of the year. We couldn’t believe our eyes when they started having the zoomies together!”

Kaia (the husky) seeing her cousin Frosty (the horse) during their favorite time of the year. ❄️We couldn’t believe our eyes when they started having the zoomies together! 🥰
by u/Outside-Glove-1147 in AnimalsBeingBros

You could feel the excitement from the clip as they ran around, feeling the snow on their feet. The scenery became even more majestic due to the husky and horse’s presence. It was like from a movie where best buds are having the time of their lives. The moment was so beautiful that Redditors found joy in watching the video. OP garnered 27.7k upvotes and hundreds of comments, all adoring the happy duo. “Honestly this whole video is artistic to me,” dpost817 commented. Winter is certainly a magical season, and animals make it even more special.

“We love a color coordinated zoomie in a gorgeous backdrop,” raqoonz wrote. OP was so nice to share the wonderful moment on Reddit. Thankfully it was captured on video because such scenery should always be remembered. You should think of it when you want to go to your happy place when enveloped with sadness. Animals are helpful reminders that humans must not forget to appreciate the simple things in life. Genuine happiness can be found even in snow or any of the seasons. Find something exciting in life, just like Kaia and Frosty, whenever winter comes.

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