These Silly Husky Brothers Are Having A Blast Entertaining Themselves Through The Cat Door!

These chatty BFFs are entertaining themselves through the cat door, and it couldn’t be any cuter!

One husky is lying on one side of the door with his head through the cat door, while the other is on the other side of the door playing with his face. He barks, growls, and makes all kind of sounds while pawing at his brother in the door. But the husky in the cat door is just not having it! He slowly shows all of his teeth each time, successfully making the sweetest pup on the planet look a little ferocious! But soon, any thoughts of him being mean are put to rest when him and his brother touch noses and rest on each other in the end. So cute!!

What I want to know is, is the cat door the normal spot for this husky to take a nap?! Someone needs to tell him that he’s a little too big!! I don’t think the family cat appreciates it!

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