This Hurt Baby Deer Was Left Behind By Her Family. When I Saw What This Man Did My Jaw DROPPED.

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An outdoorsmen named Darius Sa witnessed a fawn get abandoned by her family because she had a hurt leg and could not keep up. So, Sa took it upon himself to rescue the cute little fawn and nurse her back to health!

He woke up at night to feed her every four hours as needed, and taught her how to drink the milk out of a bottle. At first she didn’t grasp the concept, but after he poured some milk on his fingers to show her what it was, she caught right on. After teaching her how to drink the milk, he began to work on fixing her injured leg. As the days went on, she became stronger and stronger, and even met new friends: dogs and cats. One dog in particular took a liking to her and became her “foster” dad.

Eventually, when she was healthy enough, Sa released her back into the wild to be with her real family. Watch her being bottle-fed for the first time below, or check out her full rescue story here!

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