Shelter Is Looking To Find New Homes For Dogs Left Behind During Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian left a terrible mark on the Bahamas with over 1,300 people missing. Many dogs were also caught in the storm.

A rescue shelter has been set up to help the dogs from the Bahamas by boat. Volunteers and staff at the Big Dog Ranch are working along with the Bahamas Relief Cruise to bring dogs back to America and find them a forever home.

As of now, more than 100 dogs have been saved and 12 of those dogs are back with their family again. As the cruise ship brings relief supplies to the Grand Bahama Island, they are also carrying back documented residents to the United States.

We are also facing one of the more active hurricane seasons with many storms forming in the Atlantic. Due to the possibility of additional storms, the vessel operated by the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is making additional space for dogs.

Big Dog Ranch was already busy earlier this month when they rescued 50 dogs on their own ‘rescue yacht’. Residents in Loxahatchee, Florida were being encouraged to adopt one of their 500 dogs so they would have space for the new arrivals.

A local news station reported that the shelter was trying to lighten the load of the Bahamas Humane Society because so many dogs were coming to them from the devastated areas. Volunteers were busy bathing, detangling and caring for the dogs before they were on their way to Florida to look for a new family.

Lauree Simmons, the founder of the no-kill and the cage-free shelter said: ‘There are so many dogs over there on streets with collars on, and we want to go back. ‘We are going to go back many times. We wish we had more time.’

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