This Hungry Camel Wants ALL Of The Food. So, He Takes It.

You know that horrible feeling when you’re starving and can’t wait any longer to eat? That terrible scenario when you’re at a restaurant and you feel that sense of relief when you see the waiter finally bringing food your way, just to find out that it’s for the next table. There’s very few things that are more frustrating than not getting all of your food the minute you want it. Well, this starving camel knows a thing or two about being hungry, and he has little to no patience!

A man brings over a bucket of food to feed to him. But the camel doesn’t have the time to eat piece by piece out of the pail. The man is expecting to hold the bucket while the camel eats out of it, but this camel has other things in mind. He grabs onto the bucket with his mouth and snatches it out of the man’s hands. The man is able to get the bucket back, but then the camel does it again, bringing the bucket up into the air and dumping it over his face, eating all of the food at once. This camel is so funny. You can tell he was hungry!

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