These Humans Are Barking… Just Wait Until You See How Dogs React!

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As humans, we’re used to hearing dogs barking by now. Whether you are lucky enough to own a pup or not, I guarantee at least a few times in your life you’ve encountered or overheard a little canine barking his heart out. Similarly, dogs have usually gotten an earful of hearing us talk to our friends or on the phone. We’re so used to hearing one another that we rarely react to the sounds. But, when a dog hears a human barking? Well, that’s guaranteed to confuse a few puppy ears!

These dogs are in for quite the strange experience when they stumble upon this human who can make pretty realistic barking sounds. How do you think they’ll react? Make your guesses now before clicking play! I bet you’ll be surprised to see how some of these adorable pups react! (I know I was!)

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