Humane Society Is Doing ‘Bad’ Custom Drawings Of Pets For A Small Donation

When it comes to fine art, you are not going to be able to build a collection without making the necessary investments. The Humane Society is providing you with the perfect opportunity to do just that. If you decide to make a $15 donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society, you are going to receive one of the finest works of art possible.

They are rewarding those who take the time to offer a small donation by giving them a drawing of their own pet. The drawings are not supposed to be “good” in the traditional sense. Art is subjective, though. We think that these drawings are awesome and encourage everyone in the region to get one of their own. If the catch is that the drawing won’t be a Picasso, we are not worried about it.

The organization’s Facebook post had us laughing so hard. These people know that they are not professional artists. While they do have some talented artists on staff, the post reminds people that they may end up with a drawing from a staffer “who can’t draw their way out of a paper bag.” These volunteers are still eagerly standing by, though. They want to create the best art on your behalf.

The post that was shared on Facebook had a few photos included we’ll let you be the judge, but we didn’t think they were that bad.

Unfortunately, if you want one of these drawings for yourself, they’ve already sold out!

You won’t believe how many donations have already come pouring in. The organization has been able to raise roughly $12,000 and staff is scrambling to meet demand. They updated their Facebook post to let everyone know submissions were no longer being accepted.

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