Little Dog Hasn’t Seen His Human For 5 Weeks. Then He Unwraps A Big Surprise…

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Dogs are gifts to us all. They are not just dogs, but they are our family and best friends. On Christmas, we all exchange gifts with our human family members, but our pups deserve gifts too! One pup got something very unexpected for Christmas.

Noel Parsons surprised his dog with a silly gift: himself! He hadn’t seen his dog for five long weeks, so he decided to wrap himself up and surprise him.

In the video below, you can see the pup staring at the big present and freaking out when he sees it start to move. He starts running around it and probably has a good idea of what it is. Then his human emerges from the paper and they have a paw-dorable reunion filled with lots of doggy kisses! I love seeing them both so happy! I bet this was their best Christmas ever! Watch for yourself below:

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