Photographer’s ‘Me And My Human Mom’ Series Highlights Adorable Dogs And Amazing Mothers

Mother’s Day may only come once a year, but the work of this South Florida pet photographer is enough to make you miss your mom all year round.

Paola Paladini specializes in capturing canine subjects on film, and she’s a fine focus with humans, too. But in her most recent work, Paladini has brought together more than 150 female friends and their dogs for a series titled, “Me and My Human Mom.”

Inspired to take a family photo with her English Bulldog Mooza in 2013, Modern Dog Magazine reports, Paladini began to realize the bonds women have with their animals, and the project grew paws from there.

“While I didn’t have a human baby, I loved Mooza so much and wanted to recognize pet moms as mothers too,” Paladini says.

This is the fifth year of the series and, sadly, the first without Mooza, who died last September.

I just got the worst call you can get when you are 5000 miles away from home. My Moozita is gone, she is suddenly gone forever without any warnings.. She just took a piece of my heart with her and I feel this pain is almost unbearable. My heart is completely broken. I couldn’t even say goodbye to the BEST dog I ever had.. She gave me all these past 10 years SO much LOVE, so much joy, so much care, so much understanding, so much patience, so much kindness, so much loyalty… I owe her so much in my life!!!!!! She taught me so many things, valuable things. Just send a little prayer for her, she is in heaven now guarded by my beloved Simon, both running free. Untill we see each other again Moo, just THANK YOU for giving me SO much!!! Words cannot describe how much I will miss you. Since the very first day I saw you, I fell in love with you!!! You were THE BEST. Gracias Gorda!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“I miss Mooza dearly, but it was because of her that this wonderful project started,” Paladini said. “Because Mooza is no longer with me, I wanted to honor her life by putting together an exhibit. I feel blessed to do what I love and to photograph so many amazing women and their dogs.”

On her blog, Paladini explained how she was traveling for work, thousands of miles away, when she heard her furry friend had passed away. Coming home to her absence would be one of the hardest things she had ever done.

“She was not only our beloved dog, she was my work inspiration, my logo, and the reason why I created the ‘Me and My Human Mom’ four years ago. This idea came about because of the LOVE I felt for her!” Paladini wrote. “I am back at the Studio, and even though I am still incredibly sad, I will continue doing what Mooza inspired me to do: Pet Photography. I know she wants me to continue capturing forever moments with your beloved pets. This will be her legacy!”

Paladini is donating half of her session fees for the series, as she has each year, to Friends of Broward Animal County. This year, she will also help support Nina’s Network, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to keeping pets and their families in the South Florida county together by connecting them with essential resources and veterinary care.

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