This Dog with a “Human Face” Is Baffling

It’s no secret that humans love animal faces, especially when those faces have a little something extra-special about them. But nobody was quite expecting a face like Yogi’s.

Yogi is a Shih-poo with a face unlike any other dog’s face. What it is like, then? Well, a lot of people have said it looks a lot more humanoid than it should. Internet users are absolutely baffled by it, and pretty amused as well.

The whole argument started when Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins, posted a photo of him and his dog sister, a Shih Tzu named Daria, online. Chantal didn’t realize there was anything wrong with the photo, but those who saw it noticed how markedly human Yogi’s facial features were, especially when compared with Daria’s more traditional doggie features.

In the photo, Yogi is portrayed with large eyes and well-defined pupils and irises, which stand out next to Daria’s dark eyes. His mouth, though small, is lined with round pink lips, and he’s staring blankly at the camera with something akin to the start of a cynical smile.

After an interesting reaction from people online, one of Chantal’s friends posted the photo to Reddit, where the rest of the internet had an absolute field day with it. Some people were convinced they were looking at a photoshopped face-swap, while others weren’t sure what to think of the strange phenomenon.

“I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I’m rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it’s just a face swap. [sic],” said one Reddit user.

Others got busy comparing Yogi’s face to the faces of various celebrities with similar eye colors and expressions. There have been reports online that the pooch looks a little bit like Nicholas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Ed Sheeran. Or maybe Paul Rudd?

Another web user thinks Yogi looks more like Topher Grace. What do you think?

Overall, the reaction from internet users comes as an amusing surprise to Chantal, who didn’t realize her dog was so abnormal.

“He’s super happy. He loves to play and cuddle,” she said, shedding some light on this interesting dog’s typical doggie personality. “It’s funny because I really didn’t see it before. I don’t really see him differently.”

Chantal took the time to assure her dog’s new fans that the image is not edited, and there’s no intentional trickery involved in the photography.

“It really isn’t [edited],” she said. “I’m not a photographer at all. I think it’s just his eyes and the way he’s looking at the camera.”

Whether Yogi is a human trapped in a dog’s body, a dog who was a human in a former life, or just a normal dog with some abnormal facial features, one thing’s for sure. He’s definitely a cutie!

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