Sailor The Mastiff Is A BIG Baby When It Comes To Swimming…But He’s Absolutely Adorable!

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Some dogs absolutely love the water and would swim in it all day if they could. Like Christy the Westie, for example, who can’t even contain her excitement whenever she sees a pool. She jumps right in and shows off her amazing diving skills. But not every dog is like her. Some absolutely despise the water. My Labradoodle will go out of his way just to avoid a tiny puddle in the street. And there are dogs who are in between the two extremes; they like the water, but they aren’t necessarily the greatest swimmers.

That’s exactly what Sailor the Mastiff is like. He doesn’t mind being in his pool, but he’s so massive that he isn’t really the best swimmer…which I guess you could say is ironic, considering his name is Sailor. He gets into his swimming pool and goes right into his human’s arms. He is sporting an adorable human life vest to keep him safe. His owner carries him around the pool and his hugs onto him like a big mushy baby! Then he finally builds up the courage to swim off on his own but of course he swims right back to the steps.

Here’s his second swimming lesson which he does much better with!

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