Giant Cats Photoshopped Into These Cinematic Shots Are Our New Favorite Thing

There are big cats, and there are big cats.

These are BIG cats.

Before you wonder whether they got their paws on some radioactive catnip, these massive creatures are the product of some clever digital editing.

To say Instagram user fransditaa is a huge cat fan is a bit of an understatement. Here’s a bit of this unique artist’s creativity:

10. Holding up traffic

Honk Honk! Looks like some of these commuters are going to be late for work unless this furry roadblock decides to sit elsewhere.

9. Scaling tall buildings

That’s what happens when you chase birds around the big city!

Actually, I think we’ve seen this scene before. Be careful, Kitty Kong!

8. The best part of waking up

Talk about a massive meow!

Imagine finding this furry face on your way to work!

7. From ship to shore

Who says big cats don’t like water?

Some of them love to swim, and this one looks like she has a taste for adventure!

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6. Cat naps

Where they fits, they sits.

You can’t keep a cat from napping, but they least you can ask is that they don’t cause a pileup downtown. Fransditaa must have had a lot of fun working this one in.

5. Cruising cats

In the made-up words of everyone’s favorite fictional feline thriller, “Paws,” “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

The captain of this ship hopes you like naps. There’s a lot where they’re headed.

4. Lounging around

What’s a cat to do when they’re as big as a city? Strike a pose, of course.

This one has it down!

3. Scratching post

Skyscrapers make more than pretty skylines. They’re wonderful scratching posts for these gigantic furry friends, provided they’re more than a few hundred stories tall.

2. Laying down on the job

Well, this is embarrassing.

Ordinarily, finding a comfy kitty on a main traffic artery is cause for alarm. So is this, though it’s not the kitty who’s alarmed. Drive safe!

1. Teamwork

Two giant cats are always better than one!

The only thing cuter than a huge kitten climbing a skyscraper? That’s right. Two of them!

Watch more of these ‘shopped scenes in the video below!

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Matthew Russell is a West Michigan native and with a background in journalism, data analysis, cartography and design thinking. He likes to learn new things and solve old problems whenever possible, and enjoys bicycling, going to the dog park, spending time with his daughter, and coffee.
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