Texas Humane Society Finds Foster Homes For 87 Animals And Then Helps Another Local Shelter At Capacity

Shelters around the country are desperately searching for foster families or adopters to help care for all the homeless dogs and cats. Thankfully, people are stepping up and opening their hearts and homes to the shelter pets.

Over the weekend, the Humane Society of Harlingen (HSH) in Texas found fosters or adopters for all 87 homeless animals in their care. The shelter was humbled by the number of people that came forward to help and thanked them on Facebook. “Tonight, every animal in our care has a warm, loving place to call home ♥️

No-kill sheltering takes a village, and our village here in Harlingen is incredible! Thursday, we opened our doors with 87 animals in our care. We asked the community to step up as fosters or adoptive parents, and they answered. Residents all over Harlingen and Cameron County showed us that compassion can overcome any uncertainty. You showed our pets that love is never in short supply.”

Photos: Facebook/Humane Society of Harlingen

With their shelter empty, they could only do one thing – help more homeless dogs and cats.

“We have empty kennels, a dedicated staff, and a community of fosters and adopters. We asked ourselves, “are we the kind of neighbor who asks for help, only to not offer it ourselves?” The answer was clear: Until shelter animals everywhere are safely in homes, HSH has work to do,” the shelter wrote.

Photos: Facebook/Humane Society of Harlingen

Palm Valley Animal Society (PVAS) helped HSH a week earlier by taking in 15 cats when the humane society was at capacity, so the favor was returned. “During times of uncertainty, it’s important that we stick together,” posted HSH. “PVAS is currently above capacity, and trying valiantly to find live outcomes for the hundreds of dogs in their care.”

Homeless pets across the country are at risk of euthanasia because they have no place to go. “As state and local governments are forced to take steps to protect the people, we shelter workers must take steps to protect our animals. When we made the decision to try to empty our shelter our goal was to get every shelter animal into a home, either temporarily through foster, or forever through adoption, until the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. Our community stepped up and helped us find homes for nearly 100 animals in a matter of 3 days!”

Photos: Facebook/Humane Society of Harlingen

HSH opened their doors to over 20 dogs and asked the community to once again save lives. “With your help we emptied the shelter once and we know we can do it again. Will you help us get every pup in our shelter into a foster or forever home by the time our county’s shelter-in-place order goes into effect tomorrow night? We currently have approximately 25 animals in our care. Let’s do this Harlingen!”

Photos: Facebook/Humane Society of Harlingen

The shelter waived all adoption fees, including spay/neuter and microchips, during this crisis. The goal is to find loving homes either through fosters or adopters. Anyone who lives in the area and is able to foster can apply here.

Shelters are determined to save as many lives as possible but need your help. You can help by fostering a dog or cat from your local shelter. Sign up now to be an emergency foster and we will connect you with a local shelter in need.

As soon as there is a need, you’ll hear from the shelter directly to finish the process. It’s EASY, and it makes a difference.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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