It’s An Old Fashioned Howl Off Between These Two Beautiful Huskies. Oh My Ears.

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As a kid, if you were lucky enough to have siblings, then you probably learned a thing or two about sibling rivalry. Because there’s just no better feeling than knowing your better than your brother or sister at something, right?? All the readers from families with siblings know what I’m talking about, and it seems like these two huskies seem to know about sibling rivalry as well!

Kaiser and Kira, these adorable and beautiful husky dogs, are locked in an old fashioned howl off! That’s right, a howl off! Much safer than old fashioned duels, however this howl off does get a bit intense! These hilarious dogs just won’t give it a rest until they prove that their howl is better than the other’s! Who do you think won this howl off?? Kaiser or Kira?! Comment and let us know who you think should be crowned the howling husky champ! Lol!

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