How Would A Dog Wear Pants? This Debate Has Taken The Internet By Storm! What Do YOU Think?

An illustration of a dog wearing pants two different ways went viral after a magazine editor tweeted it to 24,000 followers. One way is the common way that dogs wear little pants outfits nowadays, with the pants being over both hind legs. The other way is one pant leg in the front and the other in the back, fitting the dog horizontally. Of course the latter looks silly, but this has sparked a huge debate on the Internet.


It has become such a big topic of discussion that they even discussed it on Good Morning America and had several dogs on the show, modeling pants. Some say that all four limbs on a dog are considered “legs” so the pants should be in the front and the back. Others believe that the hind limbs are the legs and the front ones are considered arms so the pants should just go over the hind legs. Listen to them discuss this hot topic on GMA in the video below. What do YOU think would be the right way for a dog to wear pants?

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