How well do dogs use their sense of touch in relationship to people?

There is no definitive research on a dog’s sense of touch being more or less sensitive than a human’s. We do know that similar to humans, a dog has nerve endings that cover their body and allow them to feel and react to touch. The most sensitive area of a dog is along the spine running down to the base of the tail.

Unlike the relatively hairless human being, dogs are completely covered in fur, which gives them a barrier between the skin and any touch they might encounter. Dogs also have tiny hairs above their eyes, under the jaw and around their muzzles which are called vibrissae. The vibrissae can both sense and detect airflow.

Dogs rely on their sense of touch heavily, just as humans do. When dogs are born, they are deaf and blind and rely on touch to find food and comfort. As dogs grow older, they still rely on touch to form bonds with other dogs, as well as play and receive comfort. Some dogs are more sensitive to touch than others and experience different levels of enjoyment when it comes to being physically close to humans or petted.

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