How well can dogs hear in relationship to cats?

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Dogs and cats have great senses of hearing, both of which are far superior to human hearing. Because of this, dogs and cats are more sensitive to high frequency sounds that may not even be audible to humans. As to the question of which hears better, cats normally come out on top in scientific research studies.

A cat is able to hear in the range of 30 hertz up to 60 kilohertz, whereas a dog can only hear up to around 40 kilohertz (a human’s range is between 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz.) Dogs may be able to hear lower frequencies better, but there is no denying that a cat can hear higher frequency sounds much more clearly.

Both dogs and cats have ears that are meant to trap and collect sound. Unlike humans, who have ears that are closely attached to the head and come in a standard shape, dogs and cats can have different shapes and sizes of ears depending on the breed. Some dogs’ ears are floppy, while others‘ are erect. Nearly all cats have erect ears. These ears can move both together and independently, making cats and dogs able to hear directionally.

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