An Easy Way To Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

Just like all of us, our pets are susceptible to various diseases. Sometimes they may get sick and we may not be aware of it because we don’t know the signs to look for. We may recognize that something is not quite right with our dog but we may end up guessing if they are sick or in some type of pain.

Becoming more acquainted with any warning signs can help you to know when something is truly wrong with your dog. Information was shared by Dr. Adrian Mulligan that can help in this regard. It will allow you to know if your dog is sick or if something else is wrong. Along with the information provided, there are also directions on how to check your dog’s vital signs so you know if a trip to the veterinarian is necessary.

There are three important vitals of your dog that should be watched carefully. Dr. Mulligan points these vitals out, noting that they are the heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate. All of those are concerns when it comes to the health of your dog.

Dr. Mulligan also took things a step further by clearing up some misinformation about your dog’s health.

By way of example, she noted the following:

1. Checking your dog’s gums for any problems with color or wetness is one way to know if your dog is healthy. If the gums are a healthy pink color, you don’t typically have to worry. If they are overly red, dark, blue or white, your dog needs help.

In addition, Dr. Mulligan said that you should familiarize yourself with the natural color of your dog’s gums. Knowing it now can let you know if there is a problem in the future.

2. You can use your fingers (not your thumb) to check the pulse of your dog. Gently press your fingers against the ribs on the side of your dog’s chest. A good place to check the dog’s pulse is also near the elbow joint or high up on their inner thigh near the femoral artery.

3. Your dog’s temperature can be checked using a rectal thermometer. You may need some help to do this successfully.

If you do recognize any serious issues or if you still have some concerns, your veterinarian should be contacted without delay.

More information is available in this video:

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