How To Introduce Your Dog To A Senior Cat

So you have inherited a senior cat. You have a dog in the prime of its life and now you are upsetting the apple cart by bringing home this cat. You’ll want to know how to make the introductions successful to keep your house a peaceful refuge as opposed to creating a chaotic environment.

Initially it is a good idea to find a space in the home to place the kitty and all of kitty’s much needed supplies: bed, blanket, food bowls, litter box, etc. Try to replicate the cat’s previous environment so that they feel as much at home in your house as they did in their previous home. Keeping the animals apart will allow them to take their time to get to know one another. It will also let the dog to feel like his space has not been invaded.

Once the comfort level is up, let the cat explore more of the house. It is a good idea to let the dog outside for this adventure. One step-at-a-time is the best way to keep a happy home.

Finally, it is time to initiate a meeting between the cat and the dog. Begin by putting the dog on a leash and then bring the cat out. When positive, calm behavior is displayed, make sure that you reward this type of behavior with petting and treats. It is important to remember these tips:

• Never force an introduction.
• Never let the dog into the cat’s safe haven.
• Keep the dog’s routine as normal as possible.

Become a detective and investigate both pets’ body language. When one or both become tense, get the cat back to its safe haven and distract the dog by playing with it or taking it outside.

By following these simple procedures, you will find that introducing your dog to a senior cat will hopefully be a bit easier and more positive than just throwing them both into a new circumstance. Who knows, play your cards right and the two may actually become best friends!

Melissa Stoneburner began writing about dogs two years ago. She is still an author on, Helium and Hubpages and works with Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois as the Community Outreach Program Manager. Find Melissa on Facebook and Twitter.

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