How to care for your dog in the summertime

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Last summer, my husband and I adopted a Pit Bull. She was, and still is, the sweetest, most loving little, big baby. She wanted to be friends with everything she could find, butterflies, dragonflies, ants, and even bees. She tried playing with the ants, but every time she tried to kiss them, well, she would accidentally eat them. I could tell by the sad look on her face, her big ears laying flat against her head, that she felt bad. However, there was one day when she came across a bee’s nest and again, she tried to become friends with them, but to her surprise they didn’t feel the same. Luckily she was only stung once right on her lip, which naturally only made her already big lip much bigger. So far this summer she only smells the air as they go flying past her.

With summer already here, there are plenty of bees and ticks. I am stocked with a couple of pet first aid kits that include gloves, tweezers, some sting relief, and styptic powder. These items come in handy for stings, bites, and just in case she goes prancing through the rose bushes. When I bring my dogs in from outside, I use ice cubes as a treat to cool them down.

As for summertime in general, I plan on giving both my girls plenty of exercise in the hopes of them being too sleepy to care about the noises from outside. In case that falls through, I will practice some obedience skills. For anyone who has a dog that can’t concentrate because of kids, fireworks or motorcycles, reassure them in a calm, soft voice. Don’t coddle them or reassure them too much, as that can only increase their distress. You need to be the source of strength for your furry children. Hope you all have a great and safe summer!

Desiree Yonts is an ABC Certified dog trainer in Union county, New Jersey. You can find her blog at

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