How To Build a Cat Scratching Post in Six Easy Steps!

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If you’ve got cats at home or consider yourself a cat lover then you know how much cats enjoy to play with scratching posts! The act of scratching removes layers of worn outer claws and reveals new, sharper claws. It also provides a fun activity for your cat while directing them away from other household items you may not want them scratching.

Building a scratching post is very easy, and you can do this completely on your own! You will need:


  • 1 Wooden Plank
  • 1 Wooden Post
  • Power Screwdriver
  • Heavy duty stapler and staples
  • Wood Screws
  • Carpet remnants


1) Set one end of the wooden post at the center of the plank and drive a single wood screw through the plank and into the end of the post to form a strong base and support piece. This will prevent your cat from knocking the post over.

2) Eliminate all sharp edges! Sand all surfaces of the wooden post and bottom support until they are both completely smooth.

3) Measure and cut 2 pieces of carpeting so that they fit over the post and the bottom support piece. Cut a hole the size of the post in the center of the smaller piece of carpeting.

4) Staple through the overlapped section of carpet and on the end of your post. Make sure that you hold the carpet taut as this is being done.

5) Apply glue to the top of the base piece and set the carpeting in place.

6) Wrap the carpet down over the edges of the wooden plank and use staples to attach the carpet to the underside of the plank. Allow the carpet to dry overnight before you let your cat play and climb on their new scratching post!


Once your new scratching post is complete, sit back and watch as your cat entertains itself with its new favorite toy, made with love by you!

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