How often should I weigh my cat?

Monitoring your cat’s weight is an important part of responsible cat ownership. If your cat is rapidly gaining or dropping weight, it is a cause for concern. As a general rule, cat owners shouldn’t weigh their cats too often because of the fluctuations that can occur on a weekly or even daily basis.

Make a note to weigh your cat every two or three months unless you suspect that there is a problem with which you should be concerned immediately. If your cat is obese and you have him on a weight loss program, then you may need to weigh every other week in order to ensure that your veterinarian-guided weight loss program is working.

If your cat is on a weight-loss program that includes an alteration in his diet, then you should check with your veterinarian in order to ensure that you are helping your cat to lose weight in a healthy way.

Any major changes in your cat’s weight need to be discussed with your veterinarian, as both unexplained weight loss or gains in cats can be troublesome. It is always best to rule out some of the worst offenders for weight losses and gains, like cancer and thyroid issues.

Your vet will weigh your cat every time you visit their office so that your cat’s weight can be tracked to make a good determination as to the dosages of medication that can be safely administered to your feline.

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