How often should I comb my dog?

The answer to the question of how often you should comb your dog really depends on the type of coat your dog has. For example, shorthaired dogs who do not shed much will not need to be brushed very often. On the other hand, longhaired dogs or shorthaired dogs who shed frequently will need to be brushed more often. Dogs with long hair that is left uncombed will most likely develop tangles and knots in the hair that will be more difficult to brush out later.

There are many different types of dog brushes and combs on the market, so be sure to get one that suits your dog’s type of coat to ensure effective brushing. Slicker brushes, bristle brushes, rubber brushes and shedding tools are all available at local pet supply stores and online retailers. Find the type of brush that is best for your dog’s coat and brush your dog regularly to keep the coat shiny, tangle-free and healthy.

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