How My puppy Twister Belle Conquered her fears

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Twister Belle was a very curious puppy. She loved to explore her new home as well as her very large back yard. For the first week or so that we had Twister, we didn’t think she would ever bark! She would whine and make this sound that sounded like “yunk yunk yunk” but she refused to bark. One day while we were playing with her toys she let out the cutest puppy bark! I was thrilled. However, she managed to scare herself.  She did learn rather quickly thought that her bark was “big,” and that she could use it anytime she wanted something.

Another fear she had was of the stairs. She was, after all, still a puppy. When I would go downstairs to the laundry room, she would stand at the top either barking or “yunk yunking.” This was very comical to me and I had just gotten used to the fact that she must hate the stairs and would never come down when all of the sudden I hear puppy feet come thudding down. She had conquered her second fear!

One afternoon Twister wandered downstairs all alone. I was in a back room and I could hear her start barking like crazy. Now, I knew there was no one else home so I figured she must have found a bug or something. I grabbed my video camera and headed down the stairs. I immediately began filming and laughing all at the same time. The “thing” that had frightened her? A toilet plunger! It was sitting outside of the laundry room and Twister knew that it didn’t belong where she had found it. She would charge it barking and growling in her sweet little puppy voice and all I could do was giggle and videotape the whole scene. Finally, she got up her nerve, charged it, made it past and realized that it wasn’t going to fight back. She sniffed it a few times, barked again and decided it was no longer worth her time. Another fear bites the dust!

One more “fear” that Twister conquered also made me laugh. I’m sitting outside reading a book and Twister is exploring the yard. It’s a beautiful spring day. Suddenly, Twister starts barking, growling and lunging at the ground. I try to ignore her but that didn’t last long. I looked up from my book and saw Twister near the trees. I began to think she had cornered a snake. Being the worried mom that I am, I grab the hoe that luckily had been left outside and went to her ready to slay this “snake.” I quietly approach, lift the hoe in preparation to strike, and stop dead in my tracks. There was no snake to be found. My sweet, crazy puppy was barking at a brick! I pick it up and let her sniff it. She looks at me as if to say, “I wasn’t really afraid of it!  I was just going to kill it!”

Needless to say, after all of that I considered her my brave little girl–even if she did bark at, attack, or run from some very strange things!

Jill McDowell is a stay-at-home mom with three children, Kelci, Ben and Emily Rose as well as three fur babies, Brittany, Rocket and Peter. She has been married to Doug, the love of her life, for almost 18 years. Jill and her family live in Alabama.

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