How much moisture/water is contained in canned cat food?

Drinking enough water is essential for your cat’s health but cats are descended from desert animals, so that may be one reason they’re just not very thirst-driven. For that reason, many veterinarians suggest feeding canned food rather than dry. Some pet experts specify even further, insisting that male cats drink even less.
Moist cat food (canned) is made of a minimum of 75 percent water. This provides much of the hydration needs of the cat, so cats fed canned food will drink less water than cats fed dry food. Dry cat food contains six to 10 percent water. Many owners feed a combination of wet and dry, but they should always provide a separate dish of water at all times, no matter what type of food their cats eat.
Dehydration is a medical emergency and it can happen very quickly. Cats’ bodies are almost 80 percent water and just a loss of five percent can result in an imbalance of water, electrolytes and minerals.
Obviously, a cat who eats canned food will get more water than one who eats only dried kibble, but here are some other things you should do:
• Always make clean, fresh water available. Some cats are picky about what they are eating and drinking from, so if yours isn’t drinking enough water, first try to replace her water dish with a brand new, never-been-used cat water dish. Fill it with fresh and clean water, and put it in a brand new place near your cat’s food. Changing the dish and the location might make the water more tempting for your cat. Refresh and change the cat’s water several times a day to encourage your cat to drink water.
• Tantalize her with running water. Running can be more interesting and fun to drink, think some cats. Buy a water fountain dish at your local pet supply store and hook it up so that it runs constantly. This will provide your cat with running water to drink, and the water will be fresher as well. Many cats are more apt to drink running water than stagnant water.
NOTE: If your cat absolutely refuses to drink water, take her to your veterinarian to rule out any underlying illness and to thwart the possibility of dehydration.

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