How much does it cost to keep a dog?

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The amount of money it costs to keep a dog is really depending on the owner. At minimum, you will need to pay for food and veterinary visits. Food for an average sized dog can cost around $300 per year, depending on food type. Check-up veterinary visits can cost around $250 per year, depending on the veterinarian. If your dog experiences any health issues, the cost for vet visits will obviously be higher.

These minimum costs do not factor in any other expenses for dogs, which are often considered extras. The cost to keep a dog rises as you factor in toys, leashes, bedding, obedience classes, treats, grooming, pet sitting and any other services or products that you could want or need for your dog.

The upfront cost for a dog is normally around $500 to $1,000 dollars. While the price of a dog may not be that high, you also need to consider initial vet visits, and then follow-up vet visits for booster shots. You’ll also most likely be spending money when your dog is a puppy on collars, leashes, toys and treats. Over the years, the spending will mostly be on veterinary visits as your dog ages.

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