How many times should I feed my kitten and adult cat?

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It may be best to divide a kitten’s daily amount into three or four meals, because kittens’ have smaller mouths, teeth and stomachs which limits the amount of food that they can digest during a single meal.
Kittens also have big growth spurts so they need to be fed more often to accommodate that, usually up to three or four times a day.
Once the kitten turns one, it is recommended to feed twice a day to maximize digestion.
There are other reasons why a feeding schedule may need to be adjusted, even with an adult cat. These include:
• Health issues: Feline diabetes requires cats to eat when insulin is administered, which could be multiple times a day. Feline thyroid problems may require frequent feedings throughout the day. Each specific health problem should be evaluated by your cat’s veterinarian.
• Overweight cats: Special diets for cats, such as a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet for cats informally referred to as the “Catkins diet,” have certain requirements that determine specific feeding times.
• Most cat food labels are based on average-sized cats, and portions should be adjusted based on your cat’s weight. NOTE: Your cat’s age, activity level, metabolism and health challenges should also be taken into account. Discuss portion sizes thoroughly with your veterinarian.
• Cat food form. Canned food is sometimes more tasty to cats, and they tend to overeat if only canned food is offered. Canned and dry food can be given alternately to prevent overeating. It’s also important to consider wet versus dry when looking at food weight, especially since moisture can increase the weight.
NOTE: Leaving dry food out all day, also called free-feeding, is only possible as long as your cat can use self-control and not overeat. You also need to measure out the daily portion so you know exactly how much food is provided each day. Some cats will snack constantly and can become overweight if free-feeding is not monitored. This is comparable to humans snacking all day!

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