How many teeth does a puppy have?

Puppies are born without teeth, but start to grow them in about six weeks. At eight weeks, they will have a full set of 28 teeth, but some breeds may have less or more.

Between the ages of three and seven months, a puppy begins to lose his puppy teeth. Each tooth root will generally be absorbed by the adult tooth, though there are instances where this does not properly occur. At three months, the incisors begin to fall out to make room for the new adult teeth. At the age of four months, the adult molars and adult canines are beginning to come in. Between the ages of six and seven months, the adult molars will come in. Finally, by seven to eight months, the full set of 42 adult teeth should have come in.

Usually, the baby teeth will fall out on their own, but sometimes they don’t. If the permanent ones erupt under them, it can cause problems, such as gum irritation. At the age of between three and four months, a puppy should be checked out by a veterinarian to make sure that there are no bite problems. If bad bite is occurring as a result of puppy teeth, pulling the baby teeth prematurely may be necessary.


For a puppy, the teething period can be uncomfortable and painful—and that process can continue for several months. When puppies are teething, they increase their biting and chewing and test out different objects and texture to relieve the discomfort. Massage your dog’s gums with an ice cube to relieve inflammation. If you want, put a few ice cubes in her water. And keep plenty of dental-approved hard chews around!
It’s a good idea to begin handling your puppy’s mouth while she’s young. That way you can check for any tooth problems. It’s also a great idea to get the young pup used to the idea of tooth brushing as early as possible.

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