How many obstacles are there in feline agility competition?

There are 10 obstacles used in a feline agility competition. Four hurdles are included with a graduating number of bars from one to four. In addition there are two tunnels and a set of weave poles, stairs, and two hoops.

In arrangement, these obstacles are placed 3 feet apart. Typically, the ring is placed away from the judging ring to minimize distractions, and often in a corner of the exhibit area, which seems to give the cats a greater sense of security.

Rings are constructed of panels of black mesh net affixed to metal poles. At the top, the enclosure is slanted inward to prevent escapes. A legal agility ring can be 20 feet by 20 feet up to 32 feet by 32 feet with any variation that covers the same degree of square footage.

Of all these obstacles, experts say that cats have the greatest difficulty negotiating the weave poles. About 30 percent of cats do finish the course in the four and a half minutes allotted, but when things go astray in the feline agility ring, they tend to really go astray!

Cat agility competitions have grown in popularity for that very reason. Cats are capable of incredibly feats of athleticism, and they can also be some of the greatest of all animal comedians — especially if the joke is on their people!

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