How many obstacles are there in agility competition?

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The number of obstacles in an agility competition is dependent on the course designer and the organization hosting the competition. A typical number of obstacles for a professional dog agility competition is between 10 and 15 obstacles per course. Often there are multiple types of courses or adjustments made to obstacles to accommodate different dog breeds. Smaller dogs also may have a greater time allowance than larger dogs to finish the course.

The types of obstacles on the course include a dog walk obstacle, an A-frame, seesaw, crossover obstacle, tunnels, weave poles and jumps or hurdles. There is also typically a pause table or pause box. A course designer will arrange the obstacles in a way that makes sense for both dog and handler. The obstacles are numbered so that the handler knows the order of the obstacles and can lead the dog through the obstacles in the correct manner.

Dogs are judged based on how quickly and how accurately they can complete the obstacles in the dog agility competition. A low time and high rate of accuracy will result in a good score, while a slower time and mistakes throughout the course will result in a lower score. Different organizations have different rules and different types of obstacles, so if you are considering participating in an agility competition be sure to research the specifics of the course before registering.

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