How many hours a day do dogs sleep or nap?

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The amount of time that a dog spends sleeping or napping during the day is dependent on a number of factors. Some dogs sleep around 12 hours per day, while others can sleep between 18 and 20 hours a day.  A dog’s sleep cycle is similar to a human’s: they experience both REM sleep and slow-wave, deep sleep. However, unlike humans, dogs wake up much more often during a sleep session. Therefore, while your dog may seem to be sleeping the day away, they are actually awake much more than you might realize.

A dog’s lifestyle has a huge influence on how much he will sleep during a typical day. For example, a farm dog or a police dog will sleep far less on a daily basis than a dog who spends the majority of his time inside the home. More active dog breeds will also be awake and mobile for longer periods throughout the day than dog breeds that are inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle.

Another factor that could influence how long a dog sleeps per day is the level of entertainment or excitement that is available. Dogs tend to sleep out of boredom more than anything else, so if they have access to indoor and outdoor activities, a large variety of toys, another dog in the home to play with, or an owner that is home during the day, will often sleep much less than a dog without any of these options.

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