How many calories are there in one teaspoon of gravy and why should I worry about this when feeding my small cat?

It can be very tempting to spoon a small amount of gravy from your dinner onto your cat’s kibble, especially when your gravy is likely made from the drippings of the roast you are enjoying. Additionally, it’s likely that a treat of this sort will be thoroughly enjoyed by your small cat. However, there are several good reasons that you should avoid doing this.

The first reason is that one single teaspoon of gravy could contain more calories than your small cat needs in an entire day. Remember that the number of calories a cat needs is based on her size and weight. While your small cat is eating the gravy or the gravy-covered kibble, she is actually consuming an excess number of calories. You may ask what the harm in doing this is, especially if you just do it once in a while. However, you should consider how often this has occurred in your household.

Even if you do this once a week, it’s adding more calories to your cat’s diet than she needs and you could quickly see your small cat’s once-trim waistline expanding.

There are cat-specific gravies sold in pet supply stores that you might consider adding to her dinner instead. Just be very mindful of the number of calories in each serving, so that you aren’t encouraging a weight problem. If your cat is sick or is otherwise not eating, then you may just find that gravy is a good way to encourage her to eat.

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