How long should the walk last?

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There is no right answer to how long a dog walk should last. A dog should generally be walked at least a half an hour a day, but this timing should be adjusted based on your dog’s need for exercise, breed and ability to exercise. Some dog breeds, such as Pugs and Chihuahuas, are not able to walk long distances. Other dog breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian, need a lot of exercise.

Depending on your dog breed and how much exercise they require to remain happy and healthy, you can determine how long a walk should last. For smaller dogs that can get the majority of their exercise indoors running around and playing, a short walk each day will do. For medium and larger breed dogs who require more exercise, a few long walks a day will most likely be necessary.

Before you determine what dog breed you want, you should do a little research into how much attention and exercise the dog breed will need. If you are unable to provide long walks and ample exercise for a dog, the dog will most likely act out in frustration or boredom. Dogs also benefit from going to dog parks to exercise and interact with other dogs, or playing and running in a fenced in backyard.

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