How long can a can of cat food with a lid stay fresh in the refrigerator?

If your cat is a light eater, or you have opened up a larger can of cat food, then you may need to store it in the fridge until later. There are many plastic lids available in just about any pet supply store that will perfectly fit the average can of cat food, and will help to keep the food fresh in the fridge.

Canned cat foods are filled with a significant amount of preservatives, but the quality of the food will start to be altered as it is exposed to the air. Even with a lid on it and refrigeration, you should not expect the food to remain fresh for much longer than five days. Typically, it is advisable to use up the remaining cat food within three days, or throw it away.

You may also find that your cat will reject the food if it is too old. Cats have very sensitive noses, and if the cat food is slightly off, then your feline is likely to walk away from it.

Keep in mind that cats generally don’t like cold foods, so you may need to allow the can of refrigerated cat food to come to room temperature before you offer it to your feline. You should never microwave cans of cat food, and should avoid putting the food in the microwave even in a microwave safe bowl, as this can lead to unevenly heated food and potential hotspots that could burn your cat’s mouth.

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