How is wiping a washcloth over one dog and the next and back again an effective way to introduce the two dogs?

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The theory behind introducing dogs by wiping a washcloth over one dog and then over another is to make the dogs feel connected via sense of touch and smell. Dogs rely on their senses to pick up information about their environments, and the other dogs and people that they come in contact with. By making the dogs feel as if they are part of one pack that is connected by some means, it is more likely that they will accept each other and not try to show signs of dominance or aggression.

Though the washcloth method could have some success, it’s normally best to let dogs smell each other directly and introduce themselves based on sense of smell. A controlled meeting where both dogs are on their leashes and cannot have too much freedom is the best way to introduce two dogs. If the dogs show no signs of aggression or dominance, the next step will be to allow the dogs off their leashes to sniff and play.

Having dogs believe that they are part of the same pack is important for bonding. You can do this by feeding the dogs the same treats, walking dogs together side by side, or playing a game such as fetch where both dogs are involved. Dogs that learn how to coexist with other dogs will be much happier in the long run.

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