How is cat face geometry theory used in mixed-breed cats?

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With so many homeless animals in the United States, rescue groups work hard to ensure accurate placement of shelter animals while minimizing “returns.” This means offering prospective adopters as accurate an evaluation of the cat’s personality as possible. Cat face geometry is one such evaluative tool. The fate of many animals, especially older cats, in shelters is euthanasia. Any system that can predict a cat’s behavior in a prospective foster home is to the advantage of all concerned.

Cat face geometry was developed by Kit Jenkins, the program manager for PetSmart Charities. The theory is based on more than 20 years of working with cats. Although certainly individual personality quirks, life events, and degree of socialization go toward determining how a cat interacts with humans and others of his kind, the predictive nature of face geometry has been shown to have a degree of accuracy.

In this theory, cats who are square-faced tend to be open and spontaneous, with many dog-like qualities. Open affectionate and laid back, these cats are good with families. Cats with round faces, on the other hand, are more wary, with a submissive streak. They tend to seek out one human as the object of their affection and devotion and would be best suited to a single person.

Cats who have triangular faces that narrow toward the noise are going to be curious, highly intelligent, talkative, and athletic. They can be the most rewarding in terms of interactive companionship, but some people find them downright pesky in their determination to be in the middle of everything that’s going on.

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