How effective are gloves with nubs for hair removal?

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The typical cat owner has a matching collection of lint rollers in every room and is constantly on the lookout for the next greatest product to pick up fur and control shedding. The gloves sold in pet stores that have rubber nubs on the surface work well for the furniture and for cats.

In truth, any pair of rubber gloves can be used to wipe cat hair off fabric and other surfaces because rubber naturally attracts the hair via static electricity. (The gloves will do an even better job if they’re slightly damp.) On upholstery, rubber gloves allow you to roll up the cat hair with repeated strokes and then remove it in one “ball.” This is less wearing on the fabric than repeated brushings and faster than breaking out the vacuum in a pinch.

Gloves with rubber nubs work equally well as a cleanup and grooming tool. Wearing the gloves allows you to run your hands over the cat’s body as if you were petting him. Many cats find this less stressful and more enjoyable than brushing. As an extra tool, the gloves may allow you to remove hair from areas of the cat’s body where he is completely intolerant of other grooming implements.

Exploring grooming options the cat will put up with is not just a convenience in terms of housework. Cats who are not brushed have to contend with loose hair in their coats the old-fashioned way, licking. The more hair a cat licks, the more hairballs he will regurgitate and you will have to clean up — or step in.

As a health concern, however, large hairballs can lead to life-threatening intestinal blockages. For this reason, regular brushing is important, especially for long-haired cats. Gloves with rubber nubs can be an inexpensive and effective tool in this ongoing war with cat hair.

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