How does the dog halter work?

A dog halter is a type of face harness that fits over a dog’s nose and is secured behind his ears. The leash is attached to a loop under the dog’s nose. Halters still allow a dog to pant, bark, eat and drink, unlike a more covered muzzle. A halter is generally used on a dog that is easily distracted on walks, especially by scents. Dogs that tend to lead with their noses, like hounds and other hunting breeds, often pull on walks in order to follow a scent.

A dog halter works by allowing the owner to gently lift a dog’s head when he is too focused in on one scent. It also allows for overall greater control of the dog’s head to eliminate pulling and keep a dog focused on the walk instead of the distractions that might be present. Head halters allow for a dog’s head to remain upright and alert during a walk, without pulling in many different directions to smell.

Dog halters are completely safe and humane. The lifting action simulates a mother dog gently guiding her puppy’s head upwards. The halter can be a means to create a deeper bond between the owner and the dog, establishing a sense of control and trust.

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