How does sleeping benefit a dog’s overall health?

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Much like humans, dogs need sleep in order to live happy and healthy lives. Sleep not only gives dogs energy to do the things that they love, like play and go for walks, but it also has some other beneficial functions as well. While a dog is sleeping, their body is taking care of some very important tasks. Cell regeneration and blood circulation, both of which help to improve their overall health, happen while sleeping.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t require much comfort or preparation in order to sleep. Most dogs will sleep anywhere, and can fall asleep within a few seconds, even in an environment that humans would not view as conducive for sleeping. In general, dogs will sleep anywhere between 10 and 18 hours a day, depending on their breed, environment and lifestyle.

A dog wakes up from a nap or a full night of sleeping feeling refreshed, just as humans do. A refreshed dog will be ready to play with his toys, run around the house, take a walk or do any other exercises or activities with which they are presented. When a dog doesn’t have any toys or activities provided, it’s common for a dog to sleep the day away just to pass time and alleviate boredom.

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