How does flax oil work as an anti-inflammatory agent in cats?

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In order to answer this, you need to know what an essential fatty acids (EFA) are. They’re substances that both humans and animals need to live.However, the body can’t make them on their own, so they have to come from diet and supplements.

An omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, and flax oil has more of this substance than any other food source. Therefore, if you’re cat has mild inflammation, such as joint, kidney or skin problems, your veterinarian may suggest a supplement.

• Skin problems and coat: One of the best ways to determine your cat’s health is to look at the coat. If it’s dull, wiry or dry, chances are she’s not getting the right balance of nutrients, and that can lead to even more problems.Here’s what happens: If the natural oils of a cat’s coat are depleted, it reduces the lipid barrier in the skin, which cats use to protect them from infection. One or two tablespoons of flaxseed oil mixed into your cat’s daily feedings may help with this problem.
• Joint problems: Fatty acids can produce some relief in arthritic animals. Flaxseed oil may help relieve minor joint pain from mild arthritis or joint stiffness due to injury and may improve mobility. However, if your cat suffers from more severe arthritis, it probably won’t be enough.
• Kidneys: Fatty acids increase blood flow to the organs. Also, since these fatty acids may support a healthy level of blood lipids in cats, those suffering from kidney disease produce elevated levels of triglycerides, helping to prolong the animal’s life.
The Great Debate: Flax Oil Versus Fish Oil
Cats are carnivorous, which means they are meat eaters. It’s not just a matter of taste—without meat, cats cannot survive. Flax oil is plant-based. That means the cat has more trouble converting it than it would, say, a supplement derived from meat—like fish oil. In fact, only about 10 percent of the flax oil you give your cat is a storable fatty acid, while a larger percentage of a fish oil supplement can be converted by the feline body.
Flaxseed oil is beneficial, but requires a larger dosage and longer to build up in the cat’s system. Fish oils are more efficient for cats.

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