How does Brewer’s yeast work in controlling shedding in dogs?

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Brewer’s yeast is a great source of B vitamins such as biotin, and trace minerals such as zinc, as well as proteins, and amino acids. The vitamins and minerals in Brewer’s yeast reduce skin dryness and improve overall skin health for a shiny, healthy coat.

Sometimes Brewer’s yeast supplements are made from by-products left over from brewing beer, but high-quality dog supplements are usually made from fresh ingredients.

As always, you need to discuss supplementation with your veterinarian to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

Most dog-owners use Brewer’s yeast primarily to stop shedding. Since it comes in powders and liquids, it can be easily added to food.

There are other uses for Brewer’s yeast beyond supporting healthier skin and coat. Since it contains those powerful B-vitamins as well as the mineral, selenium, it can improve immune function and, therefore make your dog more resistant to parasites and infections.

It’s also good for flea prevention. There are a couple of theories on this one; the first being that the Brewer’s yeast makes your dog’s smell unappealing to fleas (Brewer’s yeast does have a strong odor). The other is that it just improves the skin and coat so much that it becomes an inhospitable host.

There is potential for an allergic reaction, however, and this is why veterinarians sometimes are hesitant to recommend it. Your dog may be allergic to yeast and sometimes the lower-quality versions are made from yeast by-products, so they have the most potential for a reaction. If you see any signs of allergy, discontinue use immediately.

As for dosage, the correct one depends on the size of the dog and the type of yeast you are using. For powders, 1/2 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight is usually recommended. The correct dosage for tablets depends on the size of the tablet. Read and follow the dosing instructions on the package.

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