How does a dog use her tongue to drink water?

Dogs drink a lot of water and that’s a good thing, since the dog’s body is made up of almost 80 percent water and it regulates almost every bodily process. Dogs are sloppy drinkers, though, and can splash and make messes all around them. If you’re standing nearby, chances are you’ll be soaking wet!

Simply, they sort of punch the water, scoop it up and then grab it.

Dogs, like cats, have tongues that curl up, allowing them to cup water into their mouths. While you might be able to fold your tongue a little bit, mostly likely it wouldn’t be strong enough to use for drinking. If you had to rely on lapping, you might be left thirsty and panting for water! Think about it, however: We have arms, hands and full cheeks. Animals only have flat, horizontal bodies.

When a dog’s tongue enters the water, it does not enter it cleanly. Instead, a dog’s tongue enters the water bluntly so, in effect, it smacks the water. That results in them spreading the water around; it ends up outside of the dish, on the wall, floor and sometimes on whoever is standing near the dog.
When a dog drinks, she curls his tongue backwards, towards her body. Now only does she curl it backwards, but she makes a little scoop, or spoon, with the tip of it. The bottom of the “spoon” is what hits the water, making the splashy mess.
When the dog puts her “spoon” tongue into the water, the tongue immediately fills up with water, and the dog quickly pulls it into her mouth. Dogs drink so quickly that it is very hard to see this process with the naked eye. We can only see the telltale, wet evidence. If you want watch closely, though, you’ll see this fascinating technique.

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